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A stained glass window is a living piece of art that is never static.

As the sunlight moves and changes throughout the day, so does the glass, fluctuating from a muted glow to casting kaleidoscopic colours all around and back again.

Stained glass can be designed to suit the specific light of a room or to create a certain ambiance be it quiet contemplation or mood lifting energy. It isn’t just beautiful; it is practical and long lasting. 

All my stained glass pieces are original designs custom made to suit your room or space. They are lovingly handcrafted using beautiful mouth-blown sheet glass and traditional stained glass techniques such as painting, staining and acid-etching. Each piece is skilfully made and built to last up to 150 years before any TLC is needed.   

If you are interested in commissioning a stained glass window, door panel or art piece please get in touch. The process is simple and your initial design consultation is free of charge.

You are welcome to arrange a visit to my studio in Glasgow or chat about your requirements via email or over the phone. Alternatively, if you are local to Glasgow I am also happy to make and appointment and visit you. This also allows me to see the space you would like your commissioned piece to go and take measurements in person.

Once we have discussed ideas and I have all the information I need you will be given an estimate and my initial design sketches. If you are happy to proceed I will then finalise your design and draw up a formal quote. At this stage a 50% deposit is required for work to begin. 

Once the windows are ready they will most usually be delivered and fitted by me unless we have agreed otherwise. Delivery and/or fitting costs will be indicated clearly in your quote.

The cost of stained glass varies and depends greatly on the complexity of the design, materials used and the processes and time involved. As a rule of thumb, you can generally expect to pay £150 – £800 per square foot for a custom-made stained glass piece.  

Get in touch

If you are interested in commissioning a stained glass window, door panel or art piece please get in touch.