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Restoration and Repair

Stained glass can last for over 150 years before requiring re-leading. Unfortunately, it will often need additional repairs due to accidental damage, vandalism and environmental impacts. 

I undertake a wide range of restoration jobs from small in-situ repairs to large-scale restoration projects. Clients include everyone from homeowners and architects to public bodies and places of worship. 

I offer a full restoration service, which includes the removal and refitting of the stained glass, and any temporary glazing or boarding that may be required. Simple in-situ repairs are usually completed within a couple of hours while larger jobs with more extensive damage or deterioration may take several weeks to complete. 

If you have stained glass or painted glass that requires restoration I am happy to assess the damage and advise you of the best course of action and the costs involved for repair work. An initial consultation is free to please get in touch.

Painted Door Panel Replica

This badly damaged door panel, which was one of a pair, needed replacing. I collected all the broken pieces together and assembled them. I then used them as a guide to draw the pattern to scale as a template for painting. I reproduced the colour as accurately as possible to match the remaining panel. 

Acid-etched Red Vine Border Replica

This job involved replicating two broken pieces of this border panel. I matched the colour with a suitable piece of red flashed glass, which was then cut to size. The vine design was acid-etched clear using a bitumen resist. The outer two panels are the originals and the central panels are the new replacements.

Crematorium Replacement Panel

This job involved recreating the lower panel of a three-panel window in a chapel of remembrance, which was destroyed by vandals. I studied the design of the remaining panels to create a new panel that matched the overall design. 

Large Door Panel Re-lead

This panel was quite weak and moved when the door opened and closed. The lead was weak and the panel had become detached from the tie bars, which meant the panel wasn’t being supported. There were also a few cracks in some of the glass. The broken glass was replaced and the panel was re-leaded, puttied and reinstalled with new copper ties and tie bars.

Castle border panel repair

This repair job was an interesting one as the glass looks red (which is a common colour in old stained glass) but it is really a deep orange. I had to recreate the colour and pattern of the broken pieces, which required lots of testing and layering or colours to strike the right balance.

Rose Door Repair

This job involved small repairs to this door in a private property. The broken pieces of glass were colour matched and an in-situ repair was carried out.

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