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Claddagh Door Panels and Fanlight

Commissioned by a client who wanted a Claddagh inspired design in subtle tones of green and gold. Door panels were encapsulated in double-glazing to suit the client’s existing doors. The panels also incorporate green hand spun glass rondels and a beveled glass border.


Goldfinch and Thistles Door Panel

A Scottish themed stained glass window commissioned as a present for a person who likes Goldfinches. The panel is quite small so the design was created using mainly etching, painting and enameling of a green base glass to avoid the use of chunky leads and keep the bird looking detailed and delicate.


Golden Bee Door Panel

An understated design commissioned by a client to compliment the Timorous Beasties ‘Napolean Bee’ wallpaper in their bathroom. The central bee was hand painted and a beveled glass border was added to bring a little sparkle.


Moonlight Hare Door Panel

A client who loves hares and collects hare art commissioned this piece. She requested apiece featuring a hare in the moonlight. A combination of purple and blue antique glasses was used to suggest a nighttime scene in a vibrant and colourful way.


Hebridean Shoreline

This piece was made for a client on the Isle of Lewis and is inspired by the patterns created by water lapping over glistening pebbles on the shoreline. It was made from a combination of clear and opal glass painted and enameled with a scattering of glass lenses.


Scriptures Door Panels

This piece was made for client approached me with a small amount of broken stained glass panels that had been discarded from a church, then saved and stored in a loft for years. The panels were badly broken but had some lovely painted scripture panels worth saving. I used some of the lovely panels of script to make to new door panels from the clients hall.


Canterbury Cathedral

This stained glass piece entitled Gathering is installed in the cloisters of Canterbury Cathedral. It was inspired by the image of golden field of wheat, which is a soothing warming sight that also has significant spiritual meaning. The design was selected from a shortlist of ten proposals submitted by invited glass artists.


Water lily Door Panel

A simple cut and leaded door panel to add character and light to a client’s hallway while retaining privacy in the bathroom. The inner petals of the Water lily are made from a white opal glass that glows in the sunlight.


Brazilian Birds Fanlight

This piece was made for a client who wanted a reminder of his time in Brazil. He told me that he and his partner learned the Portuguese language by naming the birds they saw by their colours. The panel features colourful native birds and flowers on green antique flashed glass that has been deeply etched, painted and enameled.


Wildflower Garden Triptych

3 stained glass panels made for a front door inspired by a lush Scottish wildflower meadow with Thistles, Bluebells and Butterflies.


Red Poppies Stairwell Window

This piece was commissioned by a couple that built their own house and wanted a bespoke stained glass window on their stairwell. They chose this lovely bright red poppy design and later commissioned me to make to complimentary sidelights, which were installed opposite this window, either side of the front door.

Blue Poppies 1

Arts and Crafts Style Blue Poppies

Two stained glass windows designed and made for the Prince’s Eco House at The Ideal Home show. The house was designed as low carbon home that combines eco-friendly recycled materials and good quality handcrafted pieces made by local artists and craftspeople.


Llangorse Lake Bird Hide Window

This semi-circular window was made for a special bespoke bird hide on the edge of Llnagorse Lake in Wales. It features birds and grasses native to the area that can be spotted from the hide and was made and installed through the Prince’s Foundation craft apprenticeship program.


Bee Fruitful

This is a fused glass commission installed in the Botanical Gardens in Dundee. The piece was designed to highlight the plight of the honeybee and was inspired by Ancient Egyptian colours and hieroglyphs. The bees were drawn by hand then silkscreened onto hexagonal black glass tiles in layers capped with clear glass then fused.


Highland Stag Sculpture

This piece was commissioned as a gift and was designed as a freestanding piece so the recipient could place it wherever they want. The stained glass panel was design to fit this custom made rustic bark-edged stand and features a majestic highland stag surrounded by thistles in the misty twilight.


Pansy Pattern Tiffany Style Lampshade

This is a Tiffany style lampshade in the pansy pattern custom made in greens, reds blues and yellows using the copper foil technique. Mounted on clients own lamp base.


Green Stained Glass Sidelights

Two stained glass sidelight panels designed to compliment client’s original red poppy commission. The panels were made using the same green glass used in the poppy window and were installed either side of the front door in the clients home.

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